Soon the desert will be gone!!!

Poore Brothers Potato Chips are based in Arizona, and available in California and the Southwest. They get it right! The packaging is bad, but the kettle-cooked crunch is spot on, as is the flavoring. I tried Desert Mesquite Bar-B-Que and they were mostly wonderful. (What the hell is mesquite?) Not overwhelmingly “bold” (though they boast as much), with a satisfying garlic, and onion flavoring, the chips are a success. They have a range of flavorings, and I’m curious to try their Parmesan & Garlic chip!

I don’t speak Spanish and it’s the worst! But I can still eat their chips! Toreadas are hecho en Mexico, and they RULE MY LIFE! They remain impossibly light while retaining a kettle-cooked crunch and the Habanero makes them addictive. The flavoring is subtle but intense. And it’s not simply a let’s get it as hot as possible type thing, you really do taste the sweet/hot contradiction of the Habanero. As the back of the bag says, celebrate the chiles!!!

Let’s be real. Like it or not, these days when you eat a flavored tortilla chip, you’re going to be measuring how it stacks up to the original Doritos chip. Most are either inferior imitations or fancy impostors trying to better the quality of the product while not understanding it’s in part the phoniness of the Dorito which makes it transcendent in the first place. El Sabroso’s Jalapenitos get everything right. An all natural – no msg – and stone ground corn chip, packing a hat trick of Manchego, Cotija, and Asadero cheeses, and blended with fire-roasted jalapenos make these the perfect combo of high and low brow chip. The flavoring doesn’t overwhelm the corn, allowing all the flavors to shine. These chips are made by the mysterious Snak King (“King of Snacks”) based in Los Angeles. Let’s get lost in his castle!

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