In God's Country

These are God's chips! Brim's is a snack food company based in Tennessee that began in the year of our Lord, 1979, as a small pork rind manufacturer and to this day they can only claim to be a distributor, and not a maker, of potato chips. And that's a good thing because these chips are not great though they should be! Cooked in corn oil, they could have used a few more seconds in the cooking oil. The chips are flaky, blistered like Wise, but none are browned, there are zero of those errant burnt chips that make a bag of thin, crumbly chips a secret joy. The chips have a machine cut, a big chip factory feel and no kind of human touch. Even the salt seems skimped on. That they so proudly advertise "No Trans Fat" right on the bag leads me to imagine that until recently the chips had been cooked in a trans fatty oil, and only the oil itself has been replaced, the cooking process has otherwise remain unchanged. The back of the package has a quote from scripture, John 1:29: "The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, "Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!" Jesus woulda been like, "dude, finish ya breakfast!"

PS unpleasant aftertaste!

Greeks do it Better!

There hasn't been a post to Chipweb this DECADE! Oh, the guilt! Not that I haven't been eating chips, and lots of them, here and there, it's that there just wasn't any time! But all of that is going to change, expect lots in 2011; new chips, chips revisited, more flavored chips, and lots of international chip posts!

My good friend Mike took his Honeymoon in Greece, and brought me back these wonderful chips, and I haven't even gotten him a wedding gift yet what an a$$! The bag had been sitting on my shelf for a couple months, past their freshness date of 12/26/10, but they were not stale or old tasting. They were delicious! Carrefour is a massive "hypermarket" found all over the world, and these are their chips: A simple chip cooked in a non-hydrogenated oil, crispy and appropriately salted. I wonder from whom they bought the chips to re-brand as they own? In general I'm not happy about a world that lets a store like this exist, one that re-packages another laborer's product and claims it as its own, but I cannot deny that these chips crucially accompanied the wonderful chicken salad sandwich I helped cobble together from the fridge last night!