Got no friends in Pennsylvania

I was very excited to see Good's potato chips for sale at None Such Farms, in Doylestown, PA. The packaging is, as crudely evidenced in the above photo, wonderful. The chips, surprisingly, are NOT. They aren't bad, though, either. It remains a mystery as to whether they are kettle-cooked. The story on the back of the bag tells of how they still use their "time-tested handle kettle operation" though the crunch of the chip tells another story. This raises a dumb, but necessary question: if a chip isn't cooked in a kettle, in what exactly is it cooked? A giant vat? I have no idea, but I'm learning as I go; I guess as I chomp. Anyway, the immediate reaction to the Good's was these chips are NOT good, but as you find yourself eating more and more, it turns into a "not bad." The day after initially opening the bag, I ate another chip and thought, "this tastes like bacon." I checked the ingredient list and sure enough the chips are cooked in LARD! With no apology, or allusion to the fact that these chips are in fact not vegetarian! Total respect - I'm sorry, that is bad ass - especially in these calorie-counting times. McDonald's stopped cooking their fries in beef tallow in like 1992, so for a taste of the old times, get the Good's!!

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