The availability of local or regional brands of chips falls off dramatically once you cross the Mississippi, so much so that I traveled from that river to the foothills of the Rockies without finding a single exciting bag of chips. In Couer D’Alene, Idaho, I picked up my first truly national chip – or pretzel. Do pretzels count? Snyder of Hanover’s Sourdough Nibblers. I appreciate this line of Snyder’s – the flavored pretzel, usually something subtle, savory, and addictive. The sourdough flavor is mild, not too salty, and you can easily eat a whole bag and not feel gross. I wish I’d had cranberry juice to accompany these, because cranberry juice with pretzels is one of life’s finest pleasures. I would say try it on a plane but for some reason most airlines only have CRAN-APPLE juice, which significantly diminishes the experience. Also, shout out to the window bag. It’s nice to see what you’re getting yourself into. Bring back the Dorito window bag!

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