The great underdog the PAC-NW has got regional chips! Tim’s is available at every corner store. They are “Cascade Style” and promise to be “extra thick and crunchy.” I got Sour Cream & Onion, I would say in general my favorite “classic” flavor of a chip. These were exceptional! A perfect kettle-cooked crunch is driven home by the awesomely mild and flavor-packed sour cream & onion seasoning. It doesn’t try to overwhelm the potato itself like so many flavored chips do, rather it’s a perfect ratio; it’s a potato chip where first you taste the potato and then the flavoring. Tim’s are great! I also tried a friend’s Jalapeno, also awesome. Support your local chip company, people! Think Global, act local!!!

Zapp’s Potato Chips is a company based in Gramercy, LA. They have limited nationwide distribution and are, or at least try to be perceived as, a mom and pop organization. I can say that their chips’ packaging is very handsome: Simple, classic design, with different primary colors calling out different flavors. I went for the Spicy Cajun Crawtators and I’m disappointed to report that they are NOT GOOD. The kettle-crunch is there (apparently not so difficult to get right, I’m learning, or maybe from here on I should pay more attention to the nuance of the kettle crunch.) Anyway, it just seems that these chips were tossed in with a box of Old Bay seasoning. They’re intense in a bland, broad way; they’re spicy but hollow - where’s the excitement? I can’t believe I got ZAPPED in the PAC-NW!


Anonymous said...

you better work a little harder on this.

daniel fetherston said...

hey anonymous who are you? primary colors sucked btw! i will murder you in your sleep. gouge your eyes out with the serrated edge of a wavy lay's, STALE!