Acceptable Chip Substitutes

1. French Fries especially shoe string fries....sorry Jada I know you may disagree.
2. Pretzels but only the flat pretzel chip that Dan mentioned before or Snyder's Pretzel Nuggets.
3. Popcorn preferably flavored and/or homemade.
4. Tater Tots
5. Dry Roasted Edamame

Never substitute these:

1. Pork Rinds.....I can appreciate the texture but these are so wrong in so many ways!
2. Crackers...Too sophisticated, better served with cheese or salad. Couldn't be eaten with a sandwich or solo.
3. Baked Chips....What's the point? They may as well be crackers.

You will see these again soon in my Do's and Don'ts!


Jada said...

Donnie- I don't believe there are any acceptable chip substitutes! That's blasphemy no matter how you slice it

katie said...

what about cheezits?