Greeks do it Better!

There hasn't been a post to Chipweb this DECADE! Oh, the guilt! Not that I haven't been eating chips, and lots of them, here and there, it's that there just wasn't any time! But all of that is going to change, expect lots in 2011; new chips, chips revisited, more flavored chips, and lots of international chip posts!

My good friend Mike took his Honeymoon in Greece, and brought me back these wonderful chips, and I haven't even gotten him a wedding gift yet what an a$$! The bag had been sitting on my shelf for a couple months, past their freshness date of 12/26/10, but they were not stale or old tasting. They were delicious! Carrefour is a massive "hypermarket" found all over the world, and these are their chips: A simple chip cooked in a non-hydrogenated oil, crispy and appropriately salted. I wonder from whom they bought the chips to re-brand as they own? In general I'm not happy about a world that lets a store like this exist, one that re-packages another laborer's product and claims it as its own, but I cannot deny that these chips crucially accompanied the wonderful chicken salad sandwich I helped cobble together from the fridge last night!

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