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Man, we've seriously been neglecting Chipweb over here, apologies for the total lack of updates. Maybe it’s that Chipweb's upkeep is more of a winter hobby. I can't speak for our other reporters but I can say for myself that I've encountered nowhere near the amount of new chips this year than I did last, mostly because I’ve not been traveling nearly as much. But in the spirit of closure, brought upon by the year’s (and decade’s?) end, I feel I need to write about some chips. This is the first entry!

For my birthday in April, my good friend Mike sent me a giant care package of chips that he’d purchased in various stores around his new home in Austin, TX. While there were several noteworthy chips in the box, contained within was what I will irrefutably claim to be America’s greatest potato chip: Grammar-defying Art’s and Mary’s Chips, from Cheney, Kansas! These, as far as I know, are Kansas’ only chips, and for a state home to so many of the country’s greatest things (and some of its worst), it’s really no surprise.

I apologize, I’m working from memory here; I ate these chips a LONG time ago, but I did save them in my cupboard and ate a few at a time, only finishing them entirely just before they would have staled. Described as “Kettle-style,” the chips had a killer crunch, with the right amount of salt, bringing out the nuances of the potato in the thickly cut slices. The love, pride, and dedication to quality that Art and Mary practice is unquestionable, and would earn them high marks even if the taste wasn’t there. The blue and silver packaging does the same – sets the chips apart by its aesthetic alone. No tease, the chip bag really does contain America’s best potato chips, surpassing even those of Western PA. I’ve included some (sorry, blurry) pics of the packaging, as in this case pictures will certainly tell a better story than I. These chips have been officially endorsed by M.A.N.I.A.C. That’s, for those who don’t know, Movement For Americans Not Into Average Chips. For a clandestine organization with seemingly no internet presence whatsoever, the endorsement speaks for itself.

I can’t really say anything more about these chips than simply do yourself a favor and track some down. Shit is real.

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RyanBloggerSharp said...

The Art's and Mary's Jalepeno chips are the undisputed king of jalepeno flavored chips. You should track down some some of those...