Description: Ketchup Chips

Looking for a chip packed with flavour? Look no further - with Humpty Dumpty Ketchup Chips you'd think they were just poured from the bottle.

I never knew, as a CanASIAN, that there did not exist the GOD OF ALL CHIPS, KETCHUP chips, in America until I went to Connecticut to visit my godbrothers in 1985. 23 years later, after I moved to this great land, I found a few places that carried this urban-myth chip. SURE some places carry this unicorn of a chip, SURE some luxury groceries may carry it - but I feel like we need a concerted effort in increasing DEMAND FOR THESE CHIPS SO THAT THEY WILL BE IN EVERY BODEGA, CONVENIENCE STORE AND GAS STATION IN THIS NATION. NO ONE IN THIS NATION WILL EVER GO IN WANTING FOR THESE KETCHUP CHIPS! I WILL MAKE IT MY MISSION. NO STORE WILL GO UNTURNED, NO SNACK MACHINE, NOT EVEN MARLOW AND SONS WILL BE WITHOUT KETCHUP CHIPS, as long as we're alive!

what do you think?


Anonymous said...

I'd have to try it first. I reserve ketchup for fries but since a chip (in my opinion...JADA!) is an acceptable chip is probably wonderful. Give me some!

Anonymous said...

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