Everything a chip should be.

Old Dutch Potato chips make good on their promise of “delivered fresh from the heart of the upper Midwest.” Based in St. Paul, they’ve been lovingly making their chips for over 70 years. The originals are perfect: light, crunchy, irresistible. The dill flavor are great, albeit cheating a bit with a dose of MSG: still the vinegar, dill, and parsley with which its coated is subtle and good. Old Dutch’s kettle chips are thicker cut, and offer a heartier crunch than their original chips. The mesquite BBQ is bold and full-bodied, if maybe being a bit too singular in its taste to make it through a whole bag. The Parmesan & Garlic are more subtly flavored, its charm is more of a slow burn, certain chips taste more garlic than parmesan, and others vice versa. Old Dutch is a great American chip company!

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Jada said...

this review seriously just made my mouth water